206 Pitch Theremin Printed Circuit Assembly - Suggested Sources for User-Supplied Items

Note: This information is provided for reference only. Items should be selected based on user evaluation.

Item Description Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Supplier Supplier Stock Number
2 Hookup Wire Weico M16878/4BFB-6 Weico 2122-BLUE
3 Pitch Zero Potentiometer Alpha Products, Inc. RV24AF-10-15R1-B100K-3 Mouser Electronics 31VA501-F3
4, 7 Knob APEM MPKES60B1/4 On-Line Components MPKES60B1/4
5 Line Audio Output Jack Switchcraft 11 Mouser Electronics 502-11
6 Loudspeaker Volume Potentiometer Alpha Products, Inc. RV24AF-10-15R1-A10K-3 Mouser Electronics 31VJ401-F3
8 16 Ohm Loudspeaker Warehouse Guitar Speakers AV-G8C-16OHM Warehouse Guitar Speakers
816 Ohm LoudspeakerCelestionEight-15-16OHMParts Express294-2471
9 On-Off Switch NKK Switches M2012SS1W01 Mouser Electronics 633-M201201
10 9V Battery Connector Keystone Electronics Corporation 2240 Mouser Electronics 534-2240
119V Battery HolderKeystone Electronics Corporation79Mouser Electronics534-079
129V BatteryDuracellMN1604Battery Warehouse Direct138650
12*9V AC Adapter, 9VDC OutputTriadWSU090-0800Mouser Electronics553-WSU090-0800

*For plug-in applications

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