204 Theremin Printed Circuit Assembly

This product is discontinued.
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Product Description

Harrison Instruments 204PCB

The 204 Theremin Printed Circuit Assembly (illustrated above)  is identical to the one used in the Harrison Instruments model 204 Theremin. It may be used with additional, user-supplied materials to build a simple, pitch-only instrument. Electrical connections to the external components are easily made with screw-type terminations.


* Ideal for classroom demonstrations, art and technology exhibits, recordings and performances, and OEM build-in requirements

* Operation from a single 9-volt battery

* Low current consumption for long battery life

* High-fidelity, pleasing sinusoidal output tone with exceptionally low noise, wide pitch range, and good sensing linearity

* Line output for external amplifier

* Speaker output for optional, small speaker

* Stable, low-drift operation

* Simple, one-knob user adjustment

* Easy calibration with one on-board adjustment

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  This product consists a pre-fabricated, pre-tested printed circuit assembly. A complete theremin will require additional, user-supplied materials as described in the Typical Application section, below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The 204 Theremin Printed Circuit Assembly contains semiconductor devices that are sensitive to static electricity. Static electricity is a charge that accumulates on your body's surface and on other objects. To prevent damage to this product, discharge any static electricity that may have accumulated on your body by touching a grounded metal object near your work area, immediately before removing the product from its protective shielding bag. Remove the product in a work area specifically designed to prevent the accumulation of static electric charges, and use caution to prevent static discharges when handling the assembly, prior to its final installation.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Avoid physical conditions that may cause damage to the delicate components used in this assembly.

204PCB Theremin Important Safety Precautions

Technical Data

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Typical Application

Depending on the application, the user must supply the additional items indicated () plus screws, nuts, standoffs, and miscellaneous hardware, as required.

For optimal results, a plate-type antenna is recommended.  An optional Antenna Kit, item number 99999-5977-006, is available separately (click here for drawing).

Items 3 and 4 are provided to prevent damage to the assembly from static electric discharges that may occur when a person or object with a static charge contacts the antenna.

Refer to the Technical Data section for installation and calibration instructions.

Ordering Information


This product is discontinued.
Refer to improved product 206

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